Diving is our base of inspiration and you will notice it in many details such as the snorkeling mask-shaped desk, lamps in the shape of an oxygen tank, room numbers, works of art, and historical pieces.

Gadi, owner, and instructor of Bocas Dive Center loved diving from the moment he first entered the Red Sea. After accompanying his youngest daughter and her friends on a diving trip to Bocas del Toro, he was amazed at the archipelago and the atmosphere of Bocas. After a lifetime of working long, arduous hours in a challenging and fast-paced business, he had found a place where he could feel at peace both under and above the water. 

The idea to build Divers Paradise came after the renovation of the dive center. The first intention was to serve divers in a state-of-the-art boutique hotel so that they could be within walking distance of their equipment, the dive school, and the Caribbean.

Currently, not only guests who practice diving choose our hotel, but also all those who want to live an experience of the sea and water activities.

The hotel has a mini diving museum with very old diving equipment, including an original autograph of Jacques Cousteau. 

Our diving center has professional staff to make your experience unforgettable, no matter if it is your first dive or you are already an expert. Gadi loves personally receiving guests whenever he can and sharing stories. It will be our pleasure to assist you during your visit, we are waiting for you.

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