Bocas del Toro is an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. Its tropical weather transforms the region into a marvelous habitat for a wide variety of biodiversity.

On average, the temperature of the island stays around 26 degrees Celsius and the water remains warm year round. You can enjoy spectacular sunrises with clear skies and great colors during most of the year.

Rain in Bocas is something that happens more during months than others. In general, it’s characterized by either strength and a short duration or milder but longer lasting. After all, we’re in the Tropics! This weather characteristic makes Bocas have large, leafy forests, mainly tropical forests. Furthermore, since there is always an exception to the norm, Bocas may have stronger tropical storms for a few days in a row. This is great for surf lovers since these storms often bring world-class waves.

From January to May, something similar to a ‘dry season happens. This means that there will be little rainfall and when rain happens, it will be less intense and for a shorter duration. On the other hand, some agree that the best time to visit the island is in September and October because another bout of a small ‘dry season occurs. At this time there are also fewer tourists due to flat waters and non-traditional vacation time, so this tropical wonderland becomes the ideal destination for those who want tranquility above all else.

It is important to keep in mind that for the months when there may be more rain, you will actually find better rates to stay, beaches with fewer tourists, and better waves to surf. So really, when you come and enjoy the wonders of the archipelago is actually all up to you and your preferences.

In Bocas, you can scuba dive all year round. The best part? If you want to go diving, you don’t have to worry about the weather at all. Due to the abundance of marine flora and fauna in the region, you will be able to find something to see and explore the sea every month of the year. For more information on scuba diving in Bocas, you can contact Bocas Dive Center, our diving center located on the ground floor of the hotel. Click here to access their website.

Panama’s geographical location allows it to benefit tremendously weather-wise because it just so happens to lay outside of the Caribbean’s hurricane major tropical storm routes. Rain is a vital element of this tropical ecosystem, we urge you to see it as the source of life for this region, enabling it to be so abundant in nature and biodiversity. We simply recommend that you pack a raincoat just in case!

At Divers, we have our own restaurant, Pier19. Located on the covered terrace of the hotel with a panoramic view of the sea, our restaurant has a great variety of cocktails and wines with an excellent atmosphere and good music. Beyond the restaurant, we also have a covered rest dock with sun loungers for you to relax in. From there you can swim in the sea, snorkel and enjoy the unique attractions of our hotel. At the bottom of the sea in front of the hotel terrace, you will find a variety of fish, a submerged boat, a heart made from natural corals, and even a sunken plane. We provide free snorkeling equipment for our guests. Click here to go to the restaurant section of our website.

We wait for you at any time of the year – in Bocas fun has no season, it’s year-round!

We hope to see you soon in Bocas. If you have any questions or need more information, write to us at and we will gladly answer your query.

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