We believe that this paradise island in the Caribbean is the perfect destination for your honeymoon with your special partner.

A honeymoon is a trip planned with the greatest level of anticipation and excitement for a couple; it can be THE trip of their lives, one that they will remember with much love and where the goal is to leave the destination with a memory full of tender moments and shared experiences. That’s why we believe it is necessary to choose the destination very carefully to ensure that the honeymoon is one that the two of you will enjoy for a lifetime.

If you are eager to pack your suitcases and jet off to a paradise surrounded by beaches and clear waters, Bocas del Toro could be the ideal place for you. This Caribbean archipelago is nestled in the northern coast of Panama and is a tourist destination primarily chosen by sea lovers, nature explorers, rad surfers and relaxing beach bums who take full advantage of the warm Caribbean sun, warm waters, walkable towns and endless palm trees.



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To help you plan the best honeymoon possible, we have selected 10 reasons for why we think you should choose Bocas del Toro to make all your love vacation dreams come true. Here we go:

Dream beaches: Bocas del Toro is characterized by having white sand beaches with tropical turquoise waters that appear as picturesque in person as they look in a Pinterest photo. Among the most popular are Cayo Zapatilla Beach, Starfish Beach, Red Frog and Bluff Beach. Bocas offers a variety of beaches to please every beach goer: there are beaches with calm waters for those who like to swim quietly or snorkel, and there are others with active waves to test your surfing skills . Each beach is different and the amazing thing about this archipelago is that you can visit a new one every day. If you want to know more about them, give our article Dream Beaches in Bocas del Toro a read!

Snorkeling: If you like the sea and all things marine life, Bocas del Toro is the place for you. This collection of islands has many coral formations and reefs only a few meters below the surface. Inhabited by arrow crabs, starfish, parrotfish, nurse sharks, southern rays, lobsters and even seahorses, to name a few, our snorkel sites appeal to all snorkels alike!  The marine life in all its glory can be easily observed since there are many snorkeling points that are accessible simply by paddling or swimming a little out from shore. If you and your partner have even the smallest itch to experience all that the Caribbean has to offer, we recommend that you start this trip with a pair of fins and a mask in your suitcase.This way you can enjoy the beauty of the sea at any time.

Color data: If you stay at our hotel, we provide you snorkeling equipment for free.

Diving: Go ahead and live in a different world with your partner! : For the adventurers, the brave  and the adrenaline junkies, scuba diving with us in Bocas del Toro is your must-do honeymoon activity. Diving in the he Caribbean Sea means few currents and warm water (around 27 degrees celsius), a perfect place to take your first dive into the underwater world. In addition to the aforementioned marine life in the archipelago, there are four shipwrecks  that are popular diving sites; one of which is at our hotel, Divers Paradise Boutique Hotel, along with a sunken plane that can also be easily explored from our dock. The best part? We also have a dive center located directly outside the hotel. At Bocas Dive Center you can take PADI courses or just go diving for fun! Receive more information about  Bocas Dive Center by clicking here. Venturing to the bottom of the sea with your partner and breathing bubbles is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

Romantic bike rides: One of the main attractions of Bocas del Toro is its tropical landscape – the archipelago is blanketed with palm trees, coconuts, and an endless variety of wildlife. Exploring this paradise island on wheels is a fun and exciting experience. We recommend that you bike along the coast of Isla Colón so that enjoy the sea view while also getting the extra benefit of exercising. After biking, you’ll for sure be in need of a refreshing drink. Fortunately there are many bars along the way to stop at, rest and eat something while looking out at paradise. Bicycles can be rented in Bocas Town (normally they cost $8 usd a day). If you are seeking an additional thrill and want to explore the island even more you can also rent electric bikes, although in that case, the budget will be different.

Perfect place to start surfing: Your honeymoon can turn into a thrilling sea adventure if you allow the waves of Bocas del Toro to work their magic. There are surf spots for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. Also, if you have never surfed before but would like to try it out, there are many surf schools to choose from that can take you on your first lesson and show you just how much fun you can have in the ocean.

Romantic ocean view dinners: Being a chain of several islands, there are many beautiful places to dress up for a dinner or party and have the most romantic of dates while enjoying a delicious plate of Caribbean food with your partner. A view of the expansive calm sea is a must on your honeymoon to-dos.  Add a night sky littered with dazzling stars and you will feel that your honeymoon has been perfected. (*If you come to dinner with a screenshot of this note you will receive a courtesy 10% discount on your meal.)

Contact with nature: In addition to having picturesque beaches and magical local nooks when exploring Bocas del Toro,you will observe and come into direct contact with animals that you are not used to seeing in the city. Panama City is wonderful, but Bocas del Toro has something more to offer! From dolphins, in Dolphin Bay near  Cayo Zapatilla and sloths lazing around in the mangroves to the red frogs at Red Frog Beach, the red-billed birds at Bird Island, and the starfish of the shallows and the nurse sharks of the deep, a honeymoon in Bocas del Toro brings nature to your fingertips.

Easy communication with the community: Panama is a multicultural country and the islands of Bocas even more so. You will notice that there are travelers from all over the world visiting this little slice of paradise. Despite the fact that Spanish is their primary language, the hotels, restaurants and tourism venues are used to communicating with customers and clients in English as well. So if you don’t speak any Spanish, rest assured that it will not hinder your honeymoon experience in the slightest! You will be able to communicate with the community quite easily.


Boutique accommodation with ocean view : Bocas del Toro is a rustic place that has different types of hotels for you to enjoy your stay. If you are looking for something familiar, luxurious and exclusive, we recommend that you visit us. We have an ocean view, restaurant, a dive center, stand up paddles, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment that you can use for free. We are also located in the popular tourism area of Bocas Town, but we are fortunately away from the bustle and noise.

Contact with the local community: Consisting of islands full of movement and people full of vibrance, the Bocas del Toro community cannot go unnoticed. It is normal to experience the uncommon feeling of homeliness and welcome as you  walk down the street, for the Bocas locals tend to act as though everyone knows each other, greeting even strangers with a smile and eagerly wanting to become acquainted with you. We are a small town and we welcome tourism with wide open doors. We live in a close community and we like to treat one another as if we everyone is family. We hope that by visiting us you can feel at home as well!

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