Here is all the information you need to know to about this paradise on earth 

As the boat begins to pull up, the magazine-worthy landscape in front of you is guaranteed to take your breath away. With a face of jagged rock covered in vivid green vegetation and topped by palm trees studded with birds, this little Island is a small, uninhabited tropical place.


This beautiful piece of nature is located in Isla Colón, Bocas del Toro, about 40 minutes by boat from the town itself. While it is necessary to hire a tour to visit it, it is on the way to another popular site, Starfish Beach, so many tourists often choose to visit both destinations on the same day.


Bird Island got its name from its conservation element. In being a sanctuary for native and migratory bird species, Bird Island has become home to countless,  I pelicans, frigates, swallows, brown boobys and the showy Red-billed Tropicbird, or rabijunco piquirrojo, recognized by the long feathers of its tail.


For tourists looking for a relaxed and stunning place to spend their afternoon, this little nook far away from the bustle of town is an ideal place to be enthralled. You can snorkel all around it as well,  enjoying its coral formations where you can find colorful fish and burly lobsters. Bird Island also has a narrow, nature-made cave that can be explored if the waters are calm enough.

Tip: To get the best out of your visit and enjoy it even more in a safer way, we recommend visiting when there are no strong waves or currents. 

 Some visitors have compared the site to Jurassic Park and even NatGeoTravel has referred to it as one of the most beautiful sites in the northwest of Panama. However, due to its distance from town and often rough waves that inhibit safe exploration, it is not usually one of the most frequented tourist spots in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. The good news?  There are great chances you can enjoy this paradise all by yourself and spend a nice day connecting with nature!


Written by Martina Alvarez


Edited by Maria Mc Donough